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In November, Mississippi voters will decide if they will move forward with a new state flag featuring a magnolia blossom instead of a Confederate battle emblem and the phrase “In God We Trust.”

There has been increasing pressure to re-evaluate the state flag in response to the flag’s racial connotation and ongoing calls for change.

A commission called to redesign the flag proposed swapping the Confederate symbol with the words “In God We Trust.” Yet, the suggestion that the new flag includes the term has worried some advocates and watchdog groups outside of Mississippi, who see the phrase often invoked by conservative activists and lawmakers aligned with Christian nationalism.

The new flag design vote was between a Magnolia and a shield with wavy lines representing water, Christian Headlines reports.

The new flag was designed with love for Mississippi’s state and the desire to generate something that appealed to everyone in the state, CBN News reports.

It was a collaborative effort that included five Mississippi natives. There is even conversation about the design featuring diamonds representing the Native American tribes’ historical presence there, Christian Headlines reports.

The decision will be on the November ballot. If voters approve the decision, then it will become the new state flag. If rejected, the redesign process will start over again.

Today, the Confederate flag’s use is controversial. There is growing awareness that the symbol is viewed as racist and offensive to many Americans.

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