Some 300,000 people from 43 countries took part over the weekend in the Holy Supper, the most important festival of La Iglesia de La Luz del Mundo — the Church of the Light of the World — a group based in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara.

The church teaches that from the death of the Apostle John during the first century until the rise in 1926 of church founder Eusebio Joaquin Gonzalez, who is known as “Aaron the Apostle,” no one received eternal salvation. The August 14 event celebrates Gonzalez’ birth. He died in 1964.

Church members clothed in white packed the streets Sunday in Guadalajara’s Hermosa Provincia district and watched the communion service on large-screen televisions. The service is an annual event on August 14, celebrating the founder’s birth.

His son and successor, Samuel Joaquin Flores, who is formally known as “the Servant of God,” spoke of Jesus’ last supper with the Apostles during the six-hour event.

Some 2,000 ministers distributed 350,000 pieces of bread and 3,170 gallons of wine to the faithful.

Flores is regarded by the group to have the same level of authority as the biblical apostles. In one the hymns published by the group, lyrics describe him as the angel who spoke to the Apostle John as described in the Book of Revelation, chapter 10. Another La Luz Del Mundo hymn describes Flores as greater than Moses. Other hymns say that Flores has the power to redeem, justify, sanctify and to give salvation and eternal life.

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