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Red was the dress code in Nepal Wednesday as Hindu women of all ages, castes and communities thronged the Shiva temples in the country to celebrate the festival of Teej. “Streets became seas of red, the color of good fortune, […]

A melee broke out Tuesday afternoon at Playland Amusement Park in Rye, New York, as Muslim visitors became angry when the park enforced a longstanding safety-related ban on headgear on some rides. Park officials said the no-scarf rule on thrill rides was adopted in 2007 to avoid […]

For Robert Valderzak of Washington, D.C., the recent Virginia earthquake was a miracle. “Ever since he fell and fractured his skull on Father’s Day, 75-year-old Valderzak had suffered severe hearing loss,” reports Katie Moisse of ABC News. “But after the 5.8 quake, […]

The national news media yawned over the Baylor Survey’s findings that the number of American atheists has remained steady at 4 percent since 1944, and that church membership has reached an all-time high. “But,” ponder Rodney Stark and Byron Johnson in […]

In an unexpected move, the Turkish government is releasing hundreds of properties seized 75 years ago from Jews as well as Christians in Turkey’s Greek, Armenian and Syriac communities. “The times when citizens in our country were oppressed for their beliefs, their ethnic […]

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller waded into the GOP presidential candidate debate with his column in this week’s Sunday Times Magazine, centering on asking them tough questions about their faith. “But Keller stumbled out of the gate by trying […]

Four years ago, the BBC decided to capitalize on the immense popularity of the long-running Doctor Who series by creating a spin-off called Torchwood. Whereas Doctor Who is, apart from the intensity of its stories, safe for the whole family, […]

The hardline Communist bureaucrat who led China’s roughshod campaign against Tibet’s Buddhist dissidents has been given a new target: to destroy China’s “underground” Catholics. Zhang Qingli, known as the “Tibetan bulldog,” has been appointed as the Communist Party Secretary of Hebei […]

A study by State University of New York at Buffalo sociologists has found a rise in “pornified” images of women in popular media. The researchers  called the findings a concern  since research shows such images of women have negative consequences for both […]

Incidents of abduction of Hindus and Sikhs girls, for forced conversion and marriages to Muslims, as well as for ransom have increased, a Pakistani official told the Times of India newspaper. Pakistani parliament member Dr. Haresh Chopra of the Pakistan Muslim League […]