With the national debt taking up most of Congress’s summer efforts, Congressman Charlie Rangel made a special plea to his colleagues that made all the Sunday morning news shows — telling fellow Congressman that in voting on whether to raise the debt ceiling, they should consider: “What would Jesus do this weekend?”

Former presidential hopeful, Arkansas governor and Southern Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee responded that the first thing Jesus would do is to pay His taxes.

“Sorry, Charlie,” Huckabee said, noting that Congressman Rangel is “a guy who had trouble paying his taxes”– something Jesus never had problems with.

“He ought to take a lesson from Jesus… that’s what Jesus would do, pay his taxes.”

As for what he wouldn’t do, Huckabee argues, “I think we kind of know that he wouldn’t run a $14 trillion debt and stick it on the grandkids.”

After reading a passage from the Bible, Huckabee was then asked whether the religious discussion was appropriate in American politics.

“No,” he answered, “I think it’s a little bit of a stretch to reach out and say God has a particularly partisan position on policy in the government.”

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