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By Ann Rodgers c. 2010 Religion News Service Pittsburgh (RNS) The entrance to the Vatican Splendors exhibit evokes a part of St. Peter’s Basilica that few tourists ever see: the archaeological excavation beneath the altar, where the modest grave of […]

WASHINGTON (RNS) The American Civil Liberties Union is criticizing plans by two Iowa churches to host early voting during worship services. “Combining polling places with religious services is an invitation to the abuse of both religion and the civic act […]

International Herald Tribune – October 21, 2010 A plan for Mr. Obama to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar appears to have foundered on the thorny question of how he would cover his head, as Sikh tradition requires. The Golden […]

(RNS) As the U.S. has grown more diverse, more Americans believe that being a Christian is a key aspect of being “truly American,” researchers say. Purdue University scholars found that between 1996 and 2004, Americans who saw Christian identity as […]

By Francis X. Rocca c. 2010 Religion News Service VATICAN CITY (RNS) Two American archbishops, one serving in Rome and the other in Washington, D.C., will be granted a cardinal’s red hat in a ceremony at the Vatican next month, […]

By Nicole Neroulias S c. 2010 Religion News Service (RNS) Visit a Roman Catholic and an Eastern Orthodox liturgy, and the differences are stark: Catholic statues vs. Orthodox icons, celibate vs. married priests, communion wafers vs. hunks of bread. Pay […]

Blogger Pamela Geller, who was instrumental is raising objections to the Islamic community center near Ground Zero, is calling for a boycott of Campbell soup as a result of the company offering halal soups in Canada certified by the Islamic […]

(RNS) President Obama’s approval rating among U.S. Jews has dropped in the past year, while opinions of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu have improved, according to a new survey released by the American Jewish Committee. The global advocacy organization pegged Jewish […]

(RNS) Nearly eight in 10 respondents who participated in a Christianity Today International survey said convicted sex offenders should be welcomed in church pews. The vast majority of survey participants — pastors, church leaders and staff members and active Christians […]

(RNS) Two federal courts have issued strong defenses of religious expression in two separate decisions, one involving a teenager’s nose piercing and the other a license plate. Ariana Iacono, a freshman at Clayton (N.C.) High School, was allowed to return […]