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HANOI, Vietnam – Followers of a famous Buddhist monk have abandoned the temple in southern Vietnam where they had sought sanctuary and are on the run from police, who have been pressuring them for months to break up their monastic […]

Marya and Orel, a Palestinian Muslim and an Israeli Jew, both 8, have become friends in Alyn Hospital. But it is almost more powerful to observe their parents, the ones who grasp the conflict that put them there. He can […]

HIGHLAND PARK, N.J. (RNS) At A Better World Cafe, it’s not exactly “all you can eat.” It’s more like whatever you can pay. The new church-affiliated restaurant is offering customers an innovative new dining option: choose the size of your […]

Dec. 30–A polygamous sect is asking the Utah Supreme Court for emergency relief after a lower court judge ordered documents sealed in a property trust dispute and refused to hear sect members’ objections to the sale of trust assets. In […]

VATICAN CITY – An American appeals court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit by Holocaust survivors who alleged the Vatican bank accepted millions of dollars of their valuables stolen by Nazi sympathizers. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco […]

Vatican court will judge the woman who launched a Christmas Eve assault on Pope Benedict XVI “within a few weeks”. The 25-year-old woman, identified as Susanna Maiolo, leapt over a security barrier and knocked the Pope to the ground at […]

(RNS) Rarely has a romance seemed so star-crossed. He was 51, she 25. She was a pretty, petite student-nurse; he was stocky and bald, with a wandering intellect and a boisterous laugh. He was also the most celebrated Catholic monk […]

(RNS) The holiday season and the New Year — often full of stress, drama and emotional baggage — is a fine time to consider spiritual issues. The 15 titles listed here touch on topics ranging from church architecture to the […]

Mississippi is the most religious state in the country, according to poll results recently released by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. The state comes in No. 1 across all categories evaluated: the importance of religion in the […]

VATICAN CITY (RNS) An Irish Catholic bishop implicated in a recent report on clerical sex abuse resigned on Wednesday (Dec. 23), making his the second such resignation in less than a week. In a statement announcing the move, Bishop James […]