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Associated Press WASHINGTON – Two prosecutors in the state of Texas, the U.S. leader in executions, said Wednesday they will wait for a Supreme Court decision on lethal injection procedures before asking judges to set execution dates for death row […]

Associated Press YANGON, Myanmar – More than 100 Buddhist monks marched peacefully Wednesday in a northern Myanmar town noted for its defiance of the country’s military rulers, the first large protest since the junta violently crushed a wave anti-government demonstrations. […]

Associated Press The nation’s bishops will vote next month on a political roadmap for Roman Catholics headed into the 2008 election that gives top billing to abortion but also spotlights a wide range of issues, including opposition to torture and […]

Associated Press TORONTO – Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed the Dalai Lama to Canada on Monday with the red-carpet treatment, risking the anger of China, which has been critical of western leaders who meet with Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader. Monday’s […]

By Beckie Supiano Religion News Service Two years after Anglicans and Roman Catholics said they had reached a common understanding on the Virgin Mary, there’s still something about Mary that doesn’t quite sit right with some Anglicans. Specifically, some Anglicans […]

Associated Press WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court explored Tuesday whether it could limit the reach of a child pornography law so that it would not apply to legitimate creative expression, vivid adolescent imaginations or innocent e-mails with provocative headings. The […]

Associated Press Vatican City – Pope Benedict XVI urged Catholic pharmacists on Monday to use conscientious objection to avoid dispensing drugs with “immoral purposes such as, for example, abortion or euthanasia.” In a speech to participants at the 25th International […]

Associated Press Washington – The Bush administration urged the Supreme Court on Monday to bar a Muslim inmate from suing prison officials who allegedly confiscated two copies of his Quran and prayer rug. The inmate should be limited to filing […]

By Adelle M. Banks Religion News Service A small group of evangelical leaders met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Friday (Oct. 26) to support a two-state solution to achieve peace in the Middle East. The meeting follows a July […]

Associated Press WASHINGTON – Sen. Sam Brownback pronounced himself “much more comfortable” with Rudy Giuliani’s position on abortion after the one-time rivals for the Republican presidential nomination discussed the issue Thursday. Giuliani flew to Washington for a meeting he requested […]