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CBS News reports that a nine-year-old Virginian boy put his wallet– containing over $300 he had saved and gift cards he had received for his birthday–down on a convenience store counter and the wallet was stolen. That would be the bad news. The good news is he wrote a hand-written letter and posted it, along with his photo, on the window of the store and the wallet was returned to him. I like that! (Click here to read the full story.)

I remember when my little boy was a mere five years old and complained how the play ground equipment at our local park was broken. I suggested he write a letter to the editor and he did.  It was published in the newspaper and the next year the city put up a fancy new play land.

Just last week I was disappointed to see from my receipt that I had been over-charged at Logan’s Steakhouse. When I returned home I wrote a simple email explaining what had happened. A few days later I received $80 worth of gift cards for free food! (It was especially nice that those cards arrived in the mail on our wedding anniversary.)

Ah, I do love the power of the pen!




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