Classes with Lola the Pig have begun. I’m sure I will continue to learn more and more lessons from her, but this first one is note worthy (blog worthy?).

Lola communicates….freely. When she sees me from her pen she begins a happy grunting serenade. If I stop to feed the chickens and rabbits before coming to her, the grunting turns to high-pitched oinks. Once I feed her, she is silent ;).

Trying to get Lola in to her harness so she can come out of the pen is traumatic. Think about the screaming child at Wal-Mart…the *really* loud one who is in the grocery area and yet you can hear her from the pharmacy area?  Now multiply that sound by one hundred. Seriously. Lola’s screams are the loudest, most terrifying sounds I’ve ever heard, and I am a mother of three children…one of which was an expert thrower-of-tantrums.

But once the harness is on, the squealing and screaming stop. And she is content. She is happy. She moves on. Lola does not hold a grudge. Although I just did the most horrible thing to her, she forgives and forgets. She follows me with tail wagging. Lola does not allow her walk to be ruined by  memories,  emotions, or thinking over what just happened to her.

And so, today, I learn from Lola… let it go.

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