Years ago our family packed a 24-foot U-haul truck and moved six states away to a foreign land (South Dakota). Within five months we had returned home to BBQ, Dr. Pepper and messy yards (Oklahoma). But during those five months my husband read a book called “Clutter’s Last Stand” by Don Aslett and it really did change our lives. We started to cull the belongings we had packed in that huge moving van, and, in that de-cluttering, we unearthed FREEDOM. I never realized how much energy all of my *things* required of me.

I had an unopened box of trophies and certificates I had toted around from house-to-house since high school and college. I opened that box. I carefully displayed all of those trophies and certificates on the dining room table. I stood up on a chair and took a photo. I put the photo in a scrapbook. And then I threw away the box…the trophies…the certificates! Yes. I did. I really did. And it was glorious!

During that time in my life I learned an important lesson. Whenever I want to “shake things up”, I de-clutter or I rearrange. I’ve found that changing my environment changes everything. I don’t know how it works but I know it’s true. There have been a few times in the last couple of years when we’ve faced a dilemma or trial and just couldn’t come up with a solution. Each time I have chosen a simple action:

One time I ran out of places to move the couch...I put it in front of the fireplace!


I move the couch.

And–voila!–an idea comes to me. Amazing things happen when I move the couch.   I dare you to try it. Move the couch! And let me know what happens.

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