Today I perform at the local zoo. This performance marks the first show of 2011…my fourth summer as “Kirsten, Queen of Theatre!” ( Seven years ago I admitted to myself that what I really wanted was to be an actress. It was so ridiculous! I was an over-weight, 30-something mom of small children….living in a tiny, rural community. I was just crazy enough, though, to believe it could happen! And each and every day I repeated, “I will be paid to act”.   That was the beginning and now I do indeed get paid to act. I love giving children a chance to shine on the stage and hearing them giggle and laugh over my three characters’ antics.

To help myself get ready for this first show of 2011, I’ve been browsing old photos and remembering again why I do this. I thought you’d like to see some of my favorites:

"Ditzy Daisy" (before pink hair) cracks herself up.
The Queen gets the "billy goats" to chew on some grass....
A shy actor with a really cute tummy....
"Take a bow!" Look how proud they are of themselves! This makes me happy.
Pretty in Pink!
Check out the kid's expression!
Silly Sassy sings the Name Song with her new friend.
Such a ferocious troll!
Audition for the part of the troll in Billy Goat's Gruff
Cutest little actress *ever* (yes, that is Lydia and she is mine)


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