“How many more days until Friday?!”

This is a question my children ask throughout the week. Every week. The tradition of  “Family Night” is important to them and the repetition of it makes them feel secure.  So on Friday nights we have an easy-to-eat meal in front of the TV (pizza, hamburgers, finger foods, or chili) and watch a family-appropriate movie.

But here is the challenge: I am the one with the Netflix account! That means I am the responsible person who must choose a movie which keeps the children (ages 12, 9, 7) interested while not boring the parents!

I thought it may be helpful to you if I listed some of our favorites:

The Pacifier is one of those action-packed movies where the good guy wins.

Shrek Forever After is–I think–the third Shrek movie but don’t discount it just because usually sequels are stupid :). It’s a really good one and, in fact, I think all marriage counselors should make it required viewing.

Nanny McPhee and Nanny McPhee Returns: I avoided the first Nanny McPhee movie when it came out because I thought the main character was an ugly old witch. Boy, was I wrong! These are *great* movies!

Flipped is not only an entertaining movie but it also teaches some great lessons. We had some fabulous discussions after the final credits.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: Yeah, we like the super hero stuff 🙂

Ramona and Beezus: The book, of course, is the best…but the movie is a pretty good reflection.

Furry Vengeance: This one received some poor reviews but I didn’t think it deserved it. Kirsten gives it thumbs up (and there are three sets of little thumbs, too….and even a set of Dad-sized thumbs!)

Librarian, Quest for the Spear: The first is definitely the best of the series and I didn’t like the third one at all.

Percy Jackson: the Lightning Thief: Again, the book is better :)…but this is a pretty good depiction and a great introduction to Greek mythology.

The Apple Dumpling Gang: This is an older movie but my kids didn’t care. They laughed all the way through and Don Knotts is my comic hero.

Let’s keep the list going! What is your favorite family-friendly movie?


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