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“Mom, can I go pet that black and white cat on the other side of the fence?” “UUGH-GRRRR-PFFFFT” “What was that, Mom?” “UUGH-GRRRR-PFFFFT” <<giggle, giggle>> “I’ll take that as a ‘YES!’” and off she bounds to whisper private words of …Read More

“If you had told me five years ago we would be going on a cruise, I would have laughed at you and told you that was for ‘rich folk’”, Joe says as he flips his suitcase open with his finger …Read More

This morning when Joe was getting up to go to work I mumbled incoherently “I’ve been to hell and back in one night”. Yes, I am a drama queen and that was an overstatement, but it was pretty awful. Any …Read More

We’re not thrill-seekers. We usually take one vacation a year. We leave our small town less than six times a year for the bigger cities nearby. We avoid crowds.   We see maybe two-three movies in the theater a year. We …Read More

Wow. Wow. Wow. This just blew me away. I’ve always loved Carrie and this performance is just truly astounding….a “go down in history” kind of performance.  Carrie was most definitely shining…and so in her happy place! You can see the …Read More

I don’t advocate giving cats baths; it’s usually unnecessary. Percy, however, is 1/2 Persian with very long hair and he became infested with fleas early, early in the flea season. I thought the Frontline flea treatment would work better if …Read More

“Mom, you know why I believe in the Easter Bunny? Because you couldn’t have hidden such a great basket with all of this stuff in your room! I know because I looked everywhere!”—Lydia, age seven. There is a lot of …Read More

“Is there any way you can get your feet out of the shot?” “Oh, drats….move her away from the poop….” “Oh. my. word! Don’t let her get away….okay…I think I’ve got it….” “Nope. I missed that one. Let’s try again.” …Read More