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At By Common Consent, an interview with Michael Otterson, the head of media relations for the LDS Church. Not an easy job. Here are a few quotes from the online interview.

The LDS Church has always promoted the use of new technology to spread its message. It is now rolling out online radio, broadcasting LDS content (produced on Temple Square and at the various BYU campuses) 24/7, at The Mormon Chanel: […]

The Deseret News carried an article summarizing Boston Globe reporter Michael Paulson’s comments at the “Mormonism in the Public Mind” conference being held at UVU this week. According to the article, Paulson thinks “no other faith group is as quick […]

In the public discussion of LDS temples, critics often take it for granted that limiting admission to Latter-day Saints in good standing (i.e., doing things “in secret”) supports a presumption that there must be something to hide. Conveniently, that presumption, once entertained, […]

Moving on to Part 2 of the real-life soap opera … what’s the reaction to the “Outer Darkness” Big Love episode that aired Sunday night? Time’s TV guy says this: Part of the controversy over depicting the ceremony, whose details […]

It’s always something of a spectacle to watch how the mainstream media tackles a religion story — the Get Religion site (run by a group of journalists) has been posting on that theme for years now, with the general conclusion […]

First, Joel Campbell at the Mormon Times (the online site sponsored by the Deseret News), with “HBO Big Love response shows ethical lapses, arrogance.” Campbell takes HBO and Big Love producers to task for “cross[ing] a very bright ethical line” […]

The HBO series you’ve heard about but never seen is using the standard Hollywood tactic of creating controversy to attract viewers. See the Salt Lake Tribune article “HBO apologizes for offense, but will still air Big Love temple scene.” Yeah, […]

Here is a follow-up to my earlier post on this topic. The LDS Newsroom put up a second post regarding financial disclosures in connection with in-kind contributions to the Yes on 8 campaign by the LDS Church (as opposed to […]

That question pops out of a guest post at A Motley Vision in a quote from an NPR review of Twilight, the movie I know you’re just dying to see this weekend.  I don’t imagine Mormons would be any happier […]