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And that prof is … Bart Ehrman, professor of religious studes at UNC-Chapel Hill. He’s in the news in connection with the publication of his most recent book, Jesus, Interrupted. As reported at CNN, Prof. Ehrman’s family won’t talk to […]

It’s what comes naturally, according to the author of “The ‘Bitch’ Evolved: Why Girls Are So Cruel to Each Other,” posted at He notes a pattern that is probably not news to most readers: While teenage boys and young […]

To public life. Don’t let American headlines fool you — the global tide of faith is still coming in, according to the recently published God is Back: How the Global Revival of Faith is Changing the World. The Religious Studies […]

As expected, the California Supreme Court upheld the propriety of Proposition 8’s amendment to the state constitution in an opinion released today, but left same-sex marriages performed since May 2008 in force. Here’s from the LA Times story: The California […]

The Mormon Times reports on one of the more interesting MHA sessions in “Reflections of an Emma Hale Smith biographer.” Both stories make interesting reading: the story of Emma Smith, Joseph’s first wife; and the story of Linda King Newell, […]

This seems like a good post to highlight on Memorial Day: “I See Dead People,” at Faithful Dissident. It is a straight-up piece by an author who holds some doubts about the LDS religion but no doubts about the afterlife, […]

The annual Mormon History Association meetings are underway in Springfield, Illinois. The Deseret News reports on the address of the outgoing MHA President, historian Kathryn Daynes of BYU. She spoke on the varied experience of 19th-century Mormons who struggled, under […]

So a U.S. Senator has proposed that 2010 be designated the Year of the Bible (see Politico story here and Steven Waldman’s Beliefnet comments here). Sorry, I just can’t talk about the proposed Year of the Bible with a straight […]

At the Things of My Soul blog, a Mormon shares his frustration with the Evangelical view of the Bible as applied negatively to Mormons but not to others in “Religious Double Standards When Dismissing Mormonism“: Someone called me un-Christian for […]

It happened on Sunday. The historic and picturesque LDS chapel near Harvard University caught fire about 10:30 a.m. and burned for two hours. Here’s from the initial story at the Boston Globe: Mormons around the country today are grieving the […]