A Disciples of Christ minister with an LDS girlfriend posting at an LDS group blog: “Faith and Logic: Finding and Navigating an Individual Balance.” The short summary: personal religious experience is good, but so is clear thinking; temper your sense of certainty with open discussion and listening.

It’s a very nice post and obviously reflects the author’s experience in successfully managing a mixed-faith relationship. Here are a couple of paragraphs that summarize the author’s approach:

So how do we proceed in an area of life that is so important, where there is so much certainty, and yet so little agreement? To put it personally, how do I respond to people who are certain that such and such is true even when I am just as sure it’s not?

The bottom line for me (for now anyway) is that I have to hold to my convictions while honoring the right of others to hold theirs. That means not only their beliefs but the means by which they come by those beliefs. For some, a revelatory experience is supreme; for others the dictates of logic; and for still others some sort of historical/scientific/archeological evidence. It is the combination and interaction of meaningful criteria and religious background that determine what makes sense to each person.

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