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Between the FLDS events in Texas and the continued popularity of Big Love, polygamy (or plural marriage, as it is often termed) has been in the news lately. It has always been a topic of regular discussion on LDS blogs, […]

LDS Public Affairs released a press statement announcing a soon-to-be-released Spanish edition of the “LDS Bible.” The 1979 English language “LDS Bible” used the King James Version for the text, but added new chapter headings, cross-references, and an LDS bible […]

No, it’s not the Unitarians. In the Salt Lake Tribune, “Godless ‘congregations’ planned for humanists.” Just another sign the religious landscape is changing. The monthly schedule is church-like, with its parenting classes, guest speakers and small group meetings to hash […]

A reliable-looking blog cites an email from the “outreach coordinator at the GLBT Drop-in center at the Unitarian Church in Ogden” announcing gay service projects over the upcoming Conference weekend (April 4-5). The email is trying to counter claims circulating […]

That’s a softer title than the author used in a Christian Science Monitor opinion piece: “The Coming Evangelical Collapse.” I’m not sure how seriously to take the argument: the author is a popular blogger but not a scholar. There’s no […]

But “Mormons have increased in numbers enough to hold their own proportionally, at 1.4 percent of the population.” That’s the verdict of the latest American Religious Identification Survey, which found that “86% of American adults identified as Christians in 1990 […]

When the going gets tough … find a convenient scapegoat. Not that AIG execs likely deserve their bonuses, but it sure seems like the collective venting going on is just the release of bottled up frustration and anger about the […]

A survey came out a few weeks ago measuring belief in evolution across denominations. Mormons were close to the low end of the spectrum, at 22%; Evangelicals came in at 24%. See “Mormons Worse at Believing Evolution?” at Mormon Metaphysics […]

In the public discussion of LDS temples, critics often take it for granted that limiting admission to Latter-day Saints in good standing (i.e., doing things “in secret”) supports a presumption that there must be something to hide. Conveniently, that presumption, once entertained, […]

While some outsiders lump Mormons in with Evangelicals as thoroughgoing biblical literalists and inerrantists, there is actually a range of opinion on this subject within the LDS community. For the not so literal view, check out a recent two-part guest […]