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I updated my Now Reading list (three clicks down the sidebar), adding a slot for Christian books. My first will be John Polkinghorne’s The God of Hope and the End of the World (Yale Univ. Press, 2002), which should provide […]

The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously against a New-Age sect that sued to force the town of Pleasant Grove, Utah to place a monument inscribed with the 7 Aphorisms of Summum in a city park, complementing a monument already in […]

Politics makes strange befellows, as the saying goes. See’s post, “Will trade: One black Democrat for one Mormon Republican,” reviewing the pending legislation that will give Washington D.C. “actual voting representation in the House” and, at the same time, […]

At Mormon Matters a couple of weeks ago, “A Truth-Seekers Guide to the Bloggernacle and Beyond,” relating a few rules for sifting reliable posts and comments from the not-so-reliable stuff one reads. I know college profs stuggle to teach undergrads […]

No one gets too worked up about witches anymore. They’ve gone mainstream, even in the fairly conservative world of Mormonism. Check out this FMH post and its comments, for example, or this weblog. US Army chaplains now apparently get training […]

While cleaning out the highlighted posts in my overstuffed Google Reader, I came across “Two Streams of Evangelicalism in the 21st Century” at The Scriptorium. It reviews the emergence of a post-conservative brand of Evangelicalism that tries to find a […]

A pleasantly entertaining op-ed piece from the Belfast Telegraph: “What if Mormons are right and Catholics and Protestants are wrong?” Not only does the writer cover in short order the ancient Christian tradition of baptism for the dead and why […]

Driving around town late last week, I heard a spirited BBC discussion (carried by my local NPR station) about Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parlaiment who produced a film suggesting the Koran incites violence. Get Religion posted on […]

Here is a follow-up to my earlier post on this topic. The LDS Newsroom put up a second post regarding financial disclosures in connection with in-kind contributions to the Yes on 8 campaign by the LDS Church (as opposed to […]

This is the long overdue second post on Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson’s How Wide the Divide: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation. [See the first post.] This post talks about the Mormon view of scripture, with reference to the […]