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From David Ford’s Theology: A Very Short Introduction: Religions are learning communities which benefit from interactions with other learning communities, and they also need to cultivate their own educational institutions. There have been devastating consequences when religious communities have had …Read More

From Things of My Soul, “Creeping Mormonism,” relating the author’s surprise at seeing distinctively Mormon doctrines and beliefs, such as the idea of eternal marriage, sometimes appear in Protestant preaching or practice. It’s a two-way street, of course: many of …Read More

At the Mormon Times, “Inside the lost McLellin notebook,” with information about and excerpts from a newly discovered notebook written by William E. McLellin, an early Mormon apostle who was later excommunicated from the Church (in 1838). It appears the …Read More

At Christianity Today (which bills itself as “a magazine of Evangelical conviction”), “The Evolution of Darwin,” by none other than Dinesh D’Souza. The main point of the short article is that Darwin, the patron saint of the New Atheists, was …Read More

Tom Hanks has modified his recent statement that Mormons are un-American for supporting Proposition 8 (see “Big Love producer sounds off on Prop 8“). Through a publicist, Hanks released a statement to People Magazine (is this the magazine of record …Read More

Since I’m on the subject of apologetics (see my prior post), here’s a link to a post summarizing a recent book of Christian apologetics, J. P. Moreland’s The God Question: An Invitation to a Life of Meaning. The book is …Read More

There is a lot of Mormon apologetics out there, perhaps because there is a lot of Mormon criticism. It has gotten better over the years, but one still sees both good apologetics and bad apologetics. A post from a few …Read More

This is the second post drawing on E. Brooks Holifield’s Theology in America: Christian thought from the age of the Puritans to the Civil War (see first post here). The broad themes Holifield draws from American religion in the 19th …Read More

Maybe there was a Bush edition and I just missed it, but the Obama White House has a blog — and it is going to use it. One of the first entries, time-stamped at 12:01 p.m., just seconds after Pres. …Read More

Rick Warren offered a suitably moving if rather informal invocation at today’s Inauguration, using appropriately nondenominational language. Or at least he touched all the bases: God was referenced as “the Father” and as one “compassionate and merciful”; Jesus was referenced …Read More