A little bit, anyway: An online interview I did with a Deseret News journalist is featured in this week’s Bloggernacle Back Bench column at the Mormon Times. And a special welcome to any new visitors who followed links from the article here to the new Beliefnet site. There is also a Mormonism page that collects links to a variety of Beliefnet features relating to Mormonism and the LDS Church.

The article includes a paragraph in which I explain why I moved the blog from my old Typepad site here to Beliefnet. Several people have asked me that, so it seems worthwhile to post my response here.

When I asked him about the change in blog platforms, he explained, “I have been running Mormon Inquiry as a stand-alone weblog for over five years, with visitors coming primarily from the vibrant Mormon blogging community. I thought it was time for a change, and I am happy to post about Mormonism to a broader audience at the Beliefnet site. As the largest religion site on the Web, Beliefnet is a great place to do that. They are very happy to have contributions from an LDS blogger. … If visitors learn a thing or two about Mormonism and enjoy reading and commenting on the posts and topics, that’s all I really hope for.”

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