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At the Salt Lake Tribune, “Focus pulls interview over Beck’s Mormon faith.” What a fine exhibition of the Christmas spirit of togetherness, tolerance, and good will. What was pulled was an interview with Beck about his recent book, The Christmas […]

I dropped a new book into slot one of my Now Reading list (on the sidebar), Nauvoo Polygamy: “… but we called it celestial marriage”, by George D. Smith. The title is certainly an orthographic challenge. I’ll save my own substantive […]

Earlier I posted a link to the “year in review” post at the LDS Newsroom. Here’s a similar post at the Salt Lake Tribune, “A year of scrutiny for the LDS Church.” The article features extensive commentary by Philip Barlow, […]

This is the first of several posts on Blomberg and Robinson’s How Wide the Divide: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation. The format of the book is its biggest strength — each chapter contains a joint conclusion in which […]

At the LDS Newroom, “2008: A Historic Year for the Church,” highlighting and discussing major LDS stories from 2008. The biggies: The passing of President Gordon B. Hinckley, with Thomas S. Monson becoming the 16th President of the Church shortly […]

SquareTwo, an online journal hoping to foster informed discussion and development of LDS issues. The introductory essay by Richard Sherlock notes in particular that history and sociology have had their day in the sun as avenues of discussion; now it […]

For your weekly Prop 8 fix, here are some unusually thoughtful recent posts from the LDS group blog Zelophedad’s Daughters. “The Prop 8 Debate and the Fiction of the Autonomous Self,” starting with this provocative sentence: “The questionable premise I […]

I’ve been offline with some holiday travel the last few days. I spent a couple of hours camping in the “cell phone park and wait” lot waiting for a delayed flight to arrive at the Salt Lake airport. Really, how […]

At the Washington Post, an intriguing op-ed piece noting that per capita participation by citizens in our all-volunteer military varies widely by region and is concentrated in the red states. (You might find the SL Trib version easier to read.) […]

At The Lamanite, “Internet Mormons, Chapel Mormons, and Unity Amongst the Saints.” If you’re not familiar with the labels, the post is worth a read. You might also be interested in the classic 1967 essay by Richard D. Poll “What […]