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At Summa Theologica, a real treat: discussion of and links to the video of a presentation by Dr. Craig Blomberg relating how he came to collaborate with Dr. Steven Robinson of BYU in their interfaith dialogue book How Wide the […]

While in Salt Lake City this afternoon, I managed to fit in a visit to Temple Square for a couple of hours. It’s always fun to visit the center place of Mormonism (which is a rather different category than “sacred […]

Funny what post-election behavior reveals about people. Republicans who lost the presidential race are quietly supporting a smooth transition of power to the incoming Obama administration; Prop 8 opponents are busy organizing angry marches and targeting Mormons for retribution, using […]

We’re here in Utah for Thanksgiving. I was part of the group shopping expedition to Salt Lake today. The parking lots were full and there were people in the stores. I managed to suppress the urge to buy while browsing […]

We missed the deer but got the turkey. I’m now basking in that pleasant two-hour lull between dinner and pie, with nothing particularly clever to add about this uniquely American family holiday. If you’re looking for clever, here are a few links […]

Gary Lawrence thinks so, as related in an SL Trib piece. He’s the author of a new book, How Americans View Mormonism: Seven Steps to Improve Our Image. Lawrence, a pollster, sampled a thousand people. Here’s the bad news: Forty-three percent […]

That question pops out of a guest post at A Motley Vision in a quote from an NPR review of Twilight, the movie I know you’re just dying to see this weekend.  I don’t imagine Mormons would be any happier […]

At Hugh Hewitt, “A Conversation With Mike Huckabee,” including a text transcript of the entire interview. Governor Huckabee is promoting his new book, Do the Right Thing. The most interesting part of the interview, however, concerned his infamous remark suggesting […]

Krister Stendahl died earlier this year (hat tip: Lehi’s Library). He was a Swedish scholar and theologian, and also served for a period as the Lutheran Bishop of Stockholm. In LDS circles, he is fondly remembered as the author of […]

According to a recent AP story, Bob Jones University has issued a statement apologizing for its past race policies. Before 1971 it did not admit black students and there was a school policy against interracial dating until 2000. The full […]