11986556_955052131220229_4776758610082173299_nMindfulness A to Z official release is here!

Here is an excerpt from “S is for Sangha”

The sangha is the community of people who follow the teachings of the Buddha, or more generically, anyone who engages in mindfulness meditation. When the sangha meets, we touch that invisible, underground sense of connectedness that gets obscured by the busyness and the stories of “me” that otherwise engulf us. Sangha is a commitment to practice and to supporting the practice of others. If you are a strong sitter and can practice on your own, consider sharing that strength with people who founder in solitude. If you struggle when you practice alone, seek out a community where others can support you. We are all in this together—all struggling to bring a modicum of awakening into life in all its imperfections.

Arnie Kozak, Mindfulness A to Z: 108 Insights for Awakening Now

Available right now from Wisdom Publications and wherever books are sold on September 22nd!

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