10885393_955047637887345_5792435779834696198_nMindfulness A to Z official release is 2 days away!

Here is an excerpt from “N is for Nature”

Practicing outside helps to break down the artificial separation we sometimes impose between “practice” and the rest of the world. Rather than feeling that we live in the world, as if it is a container that we occupy, we can begin to see ourselves as part and parcel with the world. The oxygen atoms that fill the atmosphere become a part of our bodies as we breath in the air, and the carbon dioxide that is our respiratory waste flows back into nature to feed the leaves as we exhale. Our own skin seems like a boundary, but in reality the elements of the nature that surrounds us are the very same elements that make up our flesh and bones. Getting out of doors to take our practice for a walk in the woods or open fields is a way of reminding ourselves that we and our world are a single whole.

Arnie Kozak, Mindfulness A to Z: 108 Insights for Awakening Now

Available right now from Wisdom Publications and wherever books are sold on September 22nd!

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