Mindfulness Matters

If you are like me, you spend more time than you would like caught up in imagined stories that don’t feel good and keep you stuck. How can you get out of your own way and stop beating yourself up with regrets. My mind can sometimes get stuck and I’d be in big trouble if I didn’t have a mindfulness practice that gives me the skills and wisdom to deal with it.

To free ourselves, it helps to have tools such as my Story Art method, perspectives like those provided by Buddhist psychology, and practices such as meditation and good self-care.

I’ve done a lot of work with perfectionism. I’ve come to the realization that perfection has appeal to us because it is a cheat against impermanence. If we can exert the control required to be perfect, perhaps we’ll be protected from the difficulties of life.

Due to my own struggles to find peace, I’ve come in deep contact with the teachings of the Buddha and have tasted the liberation from anguish that they offer when we embrace them.

My calling has been to write and teach about these discoveries and to convey what I’ve learned to others through my books and workshops.

The program I offer at Kripalu is focused on delivering the tools and perspectives that can help you to get unstuck and out of your own way, be more self-compassionate and forgiving of your imperfections, and let go of stories that keep you

If you have the time available, come join me at Kripalu for this five-day journey called Mindfulness A to Z: Liberating Regret, Stuckness, and Perfection. Kripalu is a wonderful place that I am happy to have as one of my spiritual homes. It’s beautiful, spacious, and friendly. The energy is buoyant. The food is healthful and delicious. Just being there is good for your heart, spirit, and body.

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