The folks at Experience Life Magazine and Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act have just released a very nifty app, “101 Revolutionary Ways to be Healthy”

“The “101 Ways” app includes a featured “Revolutionary Act of the Day,” along with access to hundreds of well-researched articles, videos and podcasts from the Experience Life archives. The ultimate goal is to inspire positive change, spark a healthy revolution, and create a world full of healthy, happy people (as RevActivists, we know you’re on board with that!).

I’ve been looking at it on my iPhone. Usually once per day, I’ll take in the Revolutionary Act featured for the day. A brief description is followed by links to related articles from Experience Life Magazine. I’d enjoy reading this a lot more if I had an iPad.

This App may just push me over the edge to get an iPad. You can use it for a quick reminder and then zoom in and read the articles. I just don’t enjoy reading for prolonged periods on my iPhone, so the iPad would be ideal.

Recent bits of wisdom: 54 “Reframe exercise as a privilege. … You don’t have to exercise, you get to exercise.” And 55. Break a Sweat. “Sweat is weakness, complacency and toxicity leaving the body.”

This is a nice system of reminders, information, and inspiration to cultivate healthy patterns in your life. Kudos to Pilar Gerasimo and the folks at Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act and Experience Life Magazine for putting this together.

Download your free App here.


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