As I mentioned in a previous recent post, the publisher of my book, Wild Chickens and Petty Tyrants: 108 Metaphors for Mindfulness, is sponsoring Mindfulness Day, today 12 September 2011. They have invited you to contritbute your experiences with mindfulness and participate in social media:

Please share with us how you are celebrating Mindfulness Day! Have a website or a blog? We’d love to hear your thoughts, see your videos, all your creative ideas on Mindfulness, and we’ll share them on our sites. “Like” stories and video on how mindfulness has impacted and effected you. Follow us on twitter @mindfulness_day to continue to get inspiring quotes to spark mindfulness.

Every day, in fact, every moment, can be one of mindfulness; today can be a good way to start, refresh, or deepen your mindful awareness and practice. What will you do today to mark the occasion? Here are some suggestions:

  • –Eat mindfully, paying attention with sight, sound, feeling texture, smell, and taste
  • –Take a mindful walk, observing the natural and human-made world with all your senses
  • –Read about mindfulness
  • –Practice sitting meditation
  • –Open your heart with compassion to the struggles of others
  • –Notice when you’ve gotten caught up in stories and come back to the felt experience of now
  • –Smile and laugh
  • –Simply be
Whatever you do today, may you enjoy happiness, contentment, and peace. May you be free from fear, danger, pain, and anguish. May you be just where you need to be.
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