A Touch of Encouragement
March 2010 Archives

If your heart is seeking God, Martha Williamson believes worship and fellowship alongside others in church is a great place to start looking.

While visiting the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, Martha Williamson became intensely aware of how tiny we really are, but more importantly, she was reminded of how God created everything with meaning and purpose, including us.

After freely giving to a homeless man on the street, Martha Williamson learned a powerful lesson about joy.

While struggling with a speech, Martha Williamson was reminded that amazing things can happen when we give up control and ask for God’s help.

Martha Williamson shares a heart-warming story of how she and her grandmother were able to bridge the gap of distance and time through the power of music one St. Patrick’s Day.

If you are feeling disconnected or forgotten by God, Martha Williamson believes you just need to go back to the last place you saw Him and He will meet you there with open arms.

Using a message form the past, Martha Williamson shares how a person’s faith can make a powerful difference.

In this uplifting video, Martha Williamson shares some words she found life-changing by the beloved American humorist, Erma Bombeck. To hear more encouraging words check out The Simply Complex You and The Rock in the Woods.

While sitting in church one Sunday, Martha Williamson began contemplating the idea of what it is to be perfect versus being complete.