A Touch of Encouragement
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Martha Williamson shares the full list of inspiring ways to live your life as seen in her video A List to Live By. 1. Pray 2. Go to bed on time. 3. Get up on time so you can start […]

Martha Williamson shares timeless motivational suggestions to help people feel less stress when dealing with every day challenges. See the entire list of motivational suggestions in Martha’s blog below: BLOG: A List to Live By.

Sparked by a dinner conversation with her children while playing Table Topics, Martha Williamson was reminded of God’s enduring love through her child’s words.

Martha Williamson recalls an incident that occurred while shooting the revelation scene for a Touched By An Angel episode and how it impacted an actor’s life. For more information on the new Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collections – Faith, […]

After reading your comments from the video “The Bucket List,” Martha Williamson was reminded that the most important things to do before we die – loving God and loving others – are the things that stay on the list forever.

Martha Williamson shares the Valentine’s Day gift she’ll never forget. Watch “A Valentine to Wait For” for more Valentine’s Day stories.

Inspired by viewer comments from the video “Look That Up in Funk and Wagnells”, Martha Williamson shares some of the beautiful words chosen by you.

While having a conversation with a gentleman who had suffered a stroke, Martha Williamson was moved by the word with a thousand meanings.

As Martha Williamson deals with the issue of what she should allow her children to watch on television, there is one word that will always make her change the channel – “whatever”.