A Touch of Encouragement
January 2010 Archives

While talking about the Touched By An Angel episode Psalm 151, where a young boy had a list of things he wanted to complete before he died, Martha Williamson was reminded of the bucket list she created thirty years ago […]

We have more exciting news to share! Touched By An Angel returns with two new uplifting collections on DVD! TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: INSPIRATION COLLECTION – FAITH and LOVE each feature four thematic episodes specially selected and hosted by series […]

Inspired by Wilfred J. Funk, Martha Williamson shares her list of words that are not only beautiful in sound, but also in meaning.

After hearing a beautiful passage by Robert Louis Stevenson, Martha Williamson was reminded that even in our darkest and weakest moments, there is a way to bring joy to the child in each of us.

Martha Williamson believes that anger serves no purpose if we let it take over our lives, but if we can turn that anger over to God and ask for the courage to change things, then that is what we call […]

In this funny story about experiencing a moment of joy, Martha Williamson shares her encounter with a spider while singing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

At one of her lowest points in life, Martha Williamson had her very own Touched By An Angel revelation moment and realized that no matter what, God will always love and appreciate us.

Since every day has its own “emergencies,” Martha Williamson knows there is always one book she can turn to for instructions: the bible. And no matter how many times she re-reads it, Martha believes there is always something new for […]

As the difficult year of 2009 turns into the hopeful New Year of 2010, Martha Williamson feels there is only one thing she really needs to have on her New Year’s list and that is faith.