A Touch of Encouragement

I am so pleased that our six-part series on Alzheimer’s received such positive response. Not only did we receive very encouraging comments online, but so many people approached me at church to tell me they had seen Dr. Bresky’s interviews and were grateful. These were folks that I didn’t even know were regular Touch of Encouragement viewers! So Dr. Bresky has clearly touched a chord with many of you and it reconfirms Alzheimer’s broad reach, affecting families everywhere.
Remember, the interviews listed below are also archived on our website and are there to review and also to send along to others if you discover in the future that there is someone in your life who needs this kind of encouragement.
Finally, if you enjoyed this series and have ANOTHER topic you’d like discussed, let me know. This is your website, too, and the things that matter to you are important and are worth exploring with the faith and the friendship that I hope you find here every week.
Blessings and love to all,
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