A Touch of Encouragement
September 2009 Archives

While going through photos, Martha Williamson discovered an interesting phenomenon: strangers were always waving. Martha believes it’s a way to pass a little more goodwill into the world and say “it’s good to be alive.” What do you think?

When we’re at our lowest, Martha Williamson believes if we dare look up, we’ll see how strong and faithful God is.

In this honest story about pre-judging someone, Martha Williamson recalls the day her heart instantly hardened against two complete strangers. But Martha believes that when it comes to prejudice there is always a choice we can make: we can choose […]

Martha Williamson let her dreams of a “perfect kitchen” fade to let the real life of her family shine through.

Martha Williamson believes that sometimes the miracle we’re looking for is not the miracle we need.

The signs were all there, but nobody read them. A tragic story of an old friend reveals that illiteracy is still a serious issue, and Martha Williamson reminds us to reach out to someone who is struggling.

Following up on her popular video “Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success,” Martha Williamson discusses the importance of packing our “spiritual map” while traveling the road to success.

What are you still learning? Martha Williamson reminds us that everyday is a chance to start over and imagine all of the colorful possibilities.

Prayer Series Part 5 In the last of her five part series on prayer, Martha Williamson discusses why she believes prayer at its best is about truly getting connected with God and being thankful for the gifts we already have […]