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What would you do with an extra one? As the summer comes to an end and we try to fit in everything we promised ourselves, Martha Williamson reminds us that the great miracle of this earth is that God’ll always […]

Prayer Series Part 4 Martha Williamson believes it’s never too late to start praying and encourages us to open our hearts and take that step toward God, because when we do, He will always take a step toward us. Don’t […]

Should she eat it or marry it? When it comes to choosing the right people in our life, Martha Williamson reminds us not to settle, but rather to always look for those who see the best in us.

Prayer Series Part 3 In the third part of her prayer series, Martha Williamson talks about how prayer is very personal and unique to each individual. If you’ve missed the first two parts of this uplifting series, watch A Shawshank […]

A child discovers God for the very first time. Martha Williamson learned early in life that even amidst our deepest fears, God guides us through every dark room we encounter on our life journey.

Prayer Series Part 2 Martha Williamson doesn’t know how prayer works, but does know that each prayer will be answered one way or another.

In this inspirational video, Martha Williamson introduces us to the new book “Spiritual Steps on the Road to Success” by Linda Seger which talks about success and how to reach goals without losing our soul. Martha also talks about the […]

Prayer Series Part 1 In the first of her five part series on prayer, Martha Williamson describes the promise of prayer as something more than a conversation with God, instead she believes prayer can transport our spirits out of the […]