A Touch of Encouragement
July 2009 Archives

No rest for the wicked or weary? Martha Williamson sets the record straight.

In response to her very popular video What Love Is, Martha Williamson shares some touching viewer comments which seem to have one thing in common: what love is comes down to what love does.

By inventing her own kind of “home shopping network,” Martha Williamson shares her secret of how she manages to get through Christmas without all of the last minute stressful shopping. She also reminds us that in life we don’t always […]

What did you dream? Martha Williamson recalls a childhood memory of swinging on a swing in Colorado and dreaming of the future yet to come. And today she encourages each of us to remember that kid we once were and […]

Sometimes the safe choice is the dangerous one. The fear of change can paralyze us. In this inspirational video, Martha Williamson asks us to take a good look at what needs to change in our lives and encourages us to […]

Do you listen with your head or your heart? Everyone says “I love you” in different ways. In this touching video, Martha Williamson shares a collection of children’s descriptions on what love means to them.

When someone close to you is grieving, Martha Williamson understands the importance of confronting the messiness of grief in order to better comfort the people we love. Martha learned this lesson the hard way when she pulled away from her […]

What’s your plan? Just as we plan our emergency exits for possible life-threatening events, Martha Williamson thinks we should also plan for the emotional emergencies we face in our life. And it was her own “emotional exit plan” that helped […]

The symbol that will always keep its promise. Martha Williamson’s patriotic tribute to the symbol of our freedom, the American flag.