A Touch of Encouragement
June 2009 Archives

What does happiness look like to you? In this Fourth of July tribute, Martha Williamson reflects back on the Declaration of Independence and what the founding fathers really had in mind when they wrote about our right to pursue happiness.

Is it time to feel like a kid again? Martha Williamson recalls the books she loved as a child and recommends a few to read with your children this summer.

How has the economy forced you to change? During these challenging economic times, Martha Williamson believes there have been positive changes in the way we live our lives. Watch Another Greatest Generation to hear more inspirational thoughts on dealing with …Read More

Martha Williamson shares a Father’s Day tribute. If you missed Martha’s other Father’s Day video, watch World’s Worst Dad.

In this Father’s Day video, Martha Williamson reads some heartbreaking letters from viewers. But even through all of the pain, Martha was struck by the resilience of the human heart and the amazing power of forgiveness.

In this funny video, Martha Williamson explains how her husband lost his ring for the second time and then took the opportunity to turn the unfortunate event into a lesson about what’s really important in life. Watch Return of the …Read More

While attending a recent funeral service, Martha Williamson was reminded of how taking a few hours to honor a life well-lived is also a good way to re-commit to living a life that honors God. Watch Four Songs and a …Read More

How the wrong road taught the right lessons. Martha Williamson shares how she was able to get through her wedding day encounter with an uninvited guest.

After losing her pet hamster, Martha Williamson’s daughter went to the Humane Society to find the newest member of their family. It was during this trip that Martha thought of all the people who are imprisoned in some way and …Read More