A Touch of Encouragement
May 2009 Archives

In this inspirational video, Martha Williamson shares the advice her father gave her on “rising above” bad situations. Watch An Angel in the Plane, the video that inspired Martha to write The High Road.

What are you in it for? Martha Williamson reminds us that it’s not always the results of what we do that are important; instead it’s the joy we receive from doing it.

Dear Friends, I remember being a little girl and getting a dollar from my father to “buy” one of these poppies. (Remember the strange, stiff crepe paper with the dusty red color that rubbed off?!). As a small child, I […]

How will you celebrate Memorial Day? In this Memorial Day tribute, Martha Williamson traces the origins of the holiday back to 1868 when it was first called Decoration Day. She also urges us to not only remember those who have […]

Martha Williamson shares a special video thank you to the parents of men and women in the armed services.

Is there really such a thing as a coincidence? In this video about God’s perfect timing, Martha Williamson shares the amazing set of circumstances that happened when she took a recent trip to New Mexico.

Is a child’s why really a simple question? From her daughter’s curiosity, Martha Williamson was not only reminded of a family’s unique love, but also the love that God has for each of us.

How will you honor your mother? Martha Williamson believes honoring your mother this Mother’s Day is very different than just giving her a present.

An unintentional lesson. Martha Williamson believes that every situation we’re in can be a learning one.