A Touch of Encouragement
April 2009 Archives

A book she didn’t want to have to read. Martha Williamson believes when life throws us a curve ball there is one book we can always turn to, and that book is The Bible.

Walking through the valley of death and feeling left behind. When we feel sorrowful and left behind by the loss of a loved one, Martha Williamson shares that just as God welcomes them into His arms, He is also with […]

How do you show it? As our economy continues to struggle, Martha Williamson reminds us that love is the hidden gold in our lives.

What’s your perfect day? Martha Williamson knows her perfect days are those spent with family.

An unforgettable song. Martha Williamson shares a touching story of how she was able to grant her mother’s final wish.

How do you see it? Martha Williamson feels the essence of Easter is hard to capture in a simple description, but instead, requires us to believe that the impossible is always possible with God.

Never say never. Martha Williamson shares some practical advice for college graduates looking for their first job.

A juicy hors d’oeuvre? During the times we’re tempted to judge, Martha Williamson reminds us that we never know what someone else is going through.