A Touch of Encouragement
March 2009 Archives

When tomorrow’s here before today is gone. In the race to fill our schedules, Martha Williamson reminds us not to forget to enjoy the day we’re in.

A little piece of heaven. Martha Williamson believes we can find encouragement even in the midst of strangers.

A final farewell. Through the sudden death of her daughter’s pet, Martha Williamson was reminded of the true gift of God’s eternal love.

When silence holds the key. When we’re searching for answers, Martha Williamson believes that sometimes we just need to be quiet and listen to find them.

What are you waiting for? Martha Williamson reminds us that we shouldn’t worry about who we used to be, instead, focus on who we want to become. To see another video about starting fresh each new day, watch A Brand […]

Another midnight talk with God. As the news on the economy worsens, Martha Williamson feels that not only can we learn from those who survived the Great Depression, but we can find hope and encouragement from them as well.

What are you looking for? Martha Williamson reminds us that if we are always looking at things in the same way, nothing will change.