A Touch of Encouragement

Nobody Comments Like You Do.jpgDear Friends,
It is five-thirty in the morning and I have been reading your comments to the most current video. In the early morning quiet your thoughts and concerns seem particularly powerful. I hear a distant truck. The clock in the kitchen is ticking. But mostly at this time of day, there is nothing to distract me from the unique voices from the computer screen that speak of pain and courage, joy and commitment, and thankfully, even victory.

Do you know how unusual your comments are? I am told that there are few websites on the Internet that receive such detailed, personal responses. The average Internet comment seems to be about two sentences long. But on “A Touch of Encouragement,” the comments are often measured in paragraphs. And by the time we have read each other’s comments, we feel as if we know each other.
It is a very humbling feeling to read your thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams, and prayer requests. As you can imagine, it’s not always possible to personally respond to every comment, although I try discussing topics that you mention in subsequent videos. But I want you to know that I read your comments and that I DO pray for you. Even better, I’m not the only one; there is a growing “neighborhood” of folks who are now reading each other’s comments and offering wonderful support.
That may be the best thing about “A Touch of Encouragement” – that less than a year ago, one person sat in front of a camera and wondered if there was anyone out there who was listening. And twelve months later there is a huge community of people all over the world who are reaching out to each other.
I am deeply moved by your courage and honesty as you share your stories and I’m thrilled to read the sensitive and uplifting messages you offer each other. Let’s keep going, let’s keep praying for each other, encouraging each other, and making this a safe place to go and be reminded that we are not alone.
Love to all,

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