A Touch of Encouragement
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And here’s the rest of the story. As Martha Williamson finishes her story of the surprise hitchhiking bird, she reminds us that God’s eyes are on everything and everyone, no matter the size. (To hear about how the adventure started, …Read More

What does God have planned for you? From the amazing story of the US Airways plane crash on the Hudson River, Martha Williamson reminds us that each day is a gift and a chance to make a difference.

Hello, Friends! I hope you have enjoyed hearing Keb’ Mo’s beautiful song. It won’t hurt to hear it again and perhaps pass it along to a friend today! You may notice that there is not a new video posted today. …Read More

A song that says it all. For Inauguration Day Martha Williamson shares a new song by Grammy award-winning singer Keb’ Mo’, who also played the Angel of Music on Touched By An Angel. For more information on Keb’ Mo’ and …Read More

Dear Friends, I don’t know the exact quotation, but I recall words very much like these: “Anyone can be great, because anyone can serve.” Whatever the specific words were, that message from Martin Luther King, Jr. is clear – each …Read More

How a hamster, a dog, and an injured bird taught a lesson about responsibility. Martha Williamson reminds us if we faithfully take care of the small things in life, God will trust us with the big things.

Dear Friends, It is five-thirty in the morning and I have been reading your comments to the most current video. In the early morning quiet your thoughts and concerns seem particularly powerful. I hear a distant truck. The clock in …Read More

Is there something you need to let go of?

Is God enough? Do you knock on wood, thank your lucky stars, and read your horoscope too?

Surviving the worst economic times through God and good people.