A Touch of Encouragement

roma_downey_.jpgIf you have watched the video “Smiles from an Angel” then you have been introduced to Operation Smile. It is a marvelous organization that Roma Downey discovered when we made a “Touched By An Angel” episode about this organization in 1995. Since then, Roma has become their dedicated spokesperson and supported them tirelessly. It is especially moving to me to remember that the very month that we shot that “Operation Smile” episode thirteen years ago, Roma announced that she was expecting a baby. That baby is now the beautiful and compassionate Reilly who accompanies her family on the trip that plays on this video. It’s confirmation once again that the things we do to help others have at least a four-part return: Those we help are lifted up, our own spirits are lifted, God is lifted up, and the example we’ve set is lifted up to encourage others. And, in Roma’s case, what a blessing it must be when that example of compassion and service is repeated by her own children! For more information about Operation Smile, please click on

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