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September 2008 Archives

Out of the closet, out of our prayers? Read the Beliefnet article “CCM veteran Ray Boltz comes out of the closet and confesses he’s gay.“

Dear Friends, This has been an extraordinary day in the history of American finance. I can’t begin to understand it all, but I know that many are worried about the future tonight. I think it’s all made even more distressing […]

Dear Friends, We have received a number of comments regarding the unfortunate appearance of an advertisement for a film entitled “Religulous” that has recently been playing side by side with my Moments with Martha videos. I, too, am quite distressed […]

One act of kindness became the gift that kept on giving. Read the article “Saving Lives, One Rent Check at a Time“ to learn more about the man who helped inspire this video.

A quirky love story that deserves another look.

A snap judgment almost turned courage into catastrophe.

The last powerful lesson from a childhood friend.