A Touch of Encouragement

rt_banner.jpg This week released the “official” announcement of “A Touch of Encouragement” to the media. Obviously it was a big day for us, and it was made all the more special for me when I discovered that on the very same day, Randy Travis released his first mainstream country album since 1999.
Now, as some of you know, I’m a big Randy Travis fan. I love his voice, I love his music, I love his honesty, I love his genuine humility and commitment to his faith. He’s the only country musician I listen to. Sometimes I wonder if he’s the only true country music singer left. But that’s another blog….
In recent years, Randy has been recording inspirational gospel music and blessing us all by adding his incomparable voice to words of praise and worship.

Now, with “Around The Bend,” it appears that he has returned to “just country.” But with Randy, there is no such thing. This is Travis Country, and every song he sings – love song, ballad, even a Dylan tune, is still in its own way an inspirational testimony from a heart full of love.
The Dallas Morning News praised “Around The Bend” saying “Bottom Line: fans of Josh Turner and Chris Young, both so affected by Mr. Travis’s artistry, should rediscover the master. He hasn’t lost his greatness.”
It’s nice to have something like the same “release date” in common with somebody like Randy Travis. But when I stop to think about it, we’ve always had something much more important in common: the knowledge that whatever project we put our hands to has its best chance of success when it begins in the hands of the real Master. “Unless the Lord builds the house (or the website or the CD) we labor in vain” the Bible tells us.
I believe that means that no matter how successful anything or anyone is, the things that last are the eternal things, the words of love, the acts of kindness, the songs of hope, and maybe the occasional touch of encouragement. Any one of us can pass those things along. And with God’s blessing, that can make any day a special one. I hope this is one of those days for you.
Love to all,
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