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Letter to a College Kid

Our Mother’s Day video got a great deal of response. So many moving stories from you about your own mothers and your plans to honor them. I was deeply affected by the letters from those of you who have recently lost your moms; this will be a hard Mother’s Day for you and our prayers are with you.
One of the most interesting comments was from a young lady named Lizzie, who apologized that her letter wasn’t really about mothers at all. Here’s what she wrote:

I’m a teenager and I feel that as I get older I don’t want t be around my parents or God as much as I used to. I think God can wait, and when I get older I’ll become the devout christian I want to be. But it’s hard to know which direction I should be turning. When I pray at my christian school I feel that the Christian part of my life is done and I can check that off the list. I feel horrible that I am doing this most days and I don’t know what to do about it. Would you have any help with this?
Sorry this doesn’t relate to the video.

Actually, I think it was very timely letter, Lizzie. Maybe it wasn’t so much about mothers, but it was certainly about being someone’s daughter – your parents’ daughter as well as a child of God and how conflicted we can feel about all of that when we’re teen-agers.
I actually wrote an essay for my high school English class about the very feelings you describe. That was way, way back in the 70’s! But even though the world has changed a lot since then, I don’t believe that our hearts have changed that much. I’m going to try to find that essay for you, make a video about it, and see if it encourages you at all. At least it will say, yes, you’re not alone in your feelings about your parents and about finding a relationship with your Creator. And there is hope for sorting through it all.
In the meantime, check out this video that played a few weeks ago. “Letter to a College Kid”
Take care and please keep writing. And let the comments that others have posted to you encourage you as well!
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