Some of you may remember my story of rescuing the lost puppy who was running in and out of traffic last week. After attempting to find his owner, we finally took him to the nearest humane society and signed up to be “Charlie’s” family if he wasn’t claimed. The good news is that Charlie, or whatever his name really is, was found by a loving, welcoming family. Due to privacy issues, they couldn’t tell me what his real name is, but somebody suggested his name might as well be “Lucky.”

I don’t believe in luck. But I do believe in God’s perfect timing. And that little guy got a great big dose of it, running across a busy intersection at precisely the same time one of the world’s biggest pushovers when it comes to lost dogs was driving by.
And if God’s eye “is on the sparrow” or on the puppy or any other of His creatures, then I must believe that His eye is on us, as well. And I am so grateful for the amazing moments of good timing that have happened in my life, for the people who saw me running headlong into certain disaster and “stepped out of their cars” to rescue me when they didn’t have to. God didn’t drag them out and force them to lend me a hand. But surely He spoke to their hearts and they responded.
We all have those people in our lives, I hope. The ones who have changed our lives for the better because they “happened” to come along at just the right time.
And have you noticed, the more we pray to become one of those people, to be placed in circumstances where we can be used by God for good, the more often those opportunities come up?
Lucky? Not on your life. Not on Charlie’s.

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