A Touch of Encouragement
February 2008 Archives

The letter sat in the mailbox nearly all day, because I was just feeling too crummy to go outside and check the mail Yes, the flu season has finally caught up with me. If it’s this bad after getting a […]

A night to remember with Muhammad Ali.

A child grieves in a surprising way.

Dear Friends, Okay, it may be a few days after Valentine’s Day, but I’m keeping the “Coffee Cup” video up until next week, because I loved the responses it has received so far and I’m hoping for more. I laughed […]

What is your “cup of coffee?”

Dear Friends, I am running off today to celebrate my tenth anniversary with my wonderful husband, Jon. Okay, I’m not running off. I’m actually sitting here with ice on my left foot, wondering if I broke my toe. So much […]

Love and Windex never fail.

Some of you may remember my story of rescuing the lost puppy who was running in and out of traffic last week. After attempting to find his owner, we finally took him to the nearest humane society and signed up […]

I sat in a hospital waiting room recently, awaiting news from the OR while a friend was in surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Over the hours I watched as two others waited nervously on the other side of the […]