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On the last night of December, sixteen hundred and two years ago, according to Thomas Cahill, author of “How The Irish Saved Civilization“, “the Rhine river froze solid, providing the natural bridge that hundreds of thousands of hungry men, women, […]

Somewhere in Texas there’s a little boy named Logan who broke my heart this morning.

Here’s a New Year’s resolution you’ll probably want to keep.

I saw a survey yesterday that confirmed that neighborhood Christmas caroling is on the wane. With clickable advent calendars and online shopping, the demise of neighborhood carolers is not a surprise to anyone. But it is sad. I was mourning […]

The best Christmas carol he ever heard. Did you see Oh, Holy Night, Part 1?

This is my first blog ever and I thought I’d start it with a thank you to everyone at Beliefnet who made this webpage possible. They are terrific and so committed to making “A Touch of Encouragement” something special. We […]

The Christmas carol that saved a life. Did you see Oh, Holy Night, Part 2?

A different Christian perspective on the Golden Compass.