I would not use that label to identify the President.  I will say, however, that President Obama continues to embrace and promote pro-abortion policies that many Americans strongly disagree with.


Take the outcome of the election – an unmistakable repudiation of the President’s policies. As columnist George Will put it, “This election was a nationwide recoil against Barack Obama’s idea of unlimited government.”


He’s right.  And, voters also sent another message: they don’t want the President’s pro-abortion, government-run health care law.  It’s clear that most Americans who went to the polls oppose ObamaCare and want it repealed.  Exit polling found that 59% of those who voted on election day favor repealing the law – numbers that have been consistent since the troubling health care measure was passed in March.


As the tidal wave moved across the nation election night, many Democrats who ran in House races found out first-hand that ObamaCare is not only unpopular, it is toxic. The Hill reported that, in many cases, a vote for ObamaCare translated into a defeat.  At the same time, candidates who ran against ObamaCare – including those who work in the medical field – were elected. 


I know you don’t believe that ObamaCare clears the way for taxpayer funds to be used for abortions.  We’ve had this discussion before. 


The fact is that ObamaCare quite possibly represents the largest expansion of federally-subsidized abortion in history.  Under Title I, Subtitle D, Section 1303, as amended by Title X, Subtitle A, Section 10104, this law allows federal subsidies for Qualified Health Plans that cover abortion.  In an attempt to disguise this fact, the same section also establishes a gimmicky accounting requirement that directs these subsidies be applied to a non-abortion portion of the premium. This, of course, does nothing to change the fact that the federally subsidized plan is still covering abortion. It is also directly contrary to the way abortion funding is treated under other federal programs governed by the Hyde Amendment. In those cases, subsidies for plans that cover abortion are strictly prohibited.


I don’t expect to change your mind on that. The pro-abortion language in the law is only part of the problem, though. There are serious constitutional concerns as well.


We’ve filed a federal lawsuit in Washington, D.C. challenging the individual mandate provision – a violation of the Commerce Clause.  The complaint argues:  “Mandating that individuals purchase health insurance is an unprecedented and unconstitutional expansion of congressional power, as Congress has never before required individuals to involuntarily buy a good or service under the guise of its Commerce Clause authority.”  


We’ve also filed an amicus brief supporting Virginia’s legal challenge on behalf of 28 members of Congress and more than 70,000 Americans in support Virginia’s challenge.   A federal judge recently heard arguments in that case  and a decision is expected by the end of the year.

Barry, whether it’s through litigation or legislation – the fact is that ObamaCare is in big trouble.  No one denies that there’s a critical need for health care reform. But most Americans – including Christian conservatives – don’t want this law. ObamaCare is not the reform that America needs or deserves. 

While jobs and improving the economy are front-and-center, Republican leaders also understand that a top priority is getting rid of ObamaCare. Soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) put it into perspective:  “I believe that the health care bill that was enacted by the current Congress will kill jobs in America, ruin the best health care system in the world, and bankrupt our country,” said Boehner. “That means we have to do everything we can to try to repeal this bill and replace it with common sense reforms to bring down the cost of health care.”


There’s plenty of evidence to suggest Boehner is correct.  The Obama Administration quietly exempted 30 of the nation’s biggest companies from ObamaCare – giving them a pass – because they couldn’t afford it.  The biggest beneficiary of the exemptions:  New York’s teachers union which campaigned for Obama in 2008 and backed his health care plan.


And, now, AARP, which helped secure passage of ObamaCare with its endorsement, is telling its members to expect hikes in health care premiums because of this law. 


Boehner also understands that a majority of the American people not only oppose the health care law, they rejected the way it was done – the way it was forced on Americans.  He’s calling for an end to “secrecy, arrogance, and the abuse of power” that dominated the health care process in the House. 


Sure, there are critics who say the legislation to repeal ObamaCare won’t clear the Senate and, if it somehow does, will be vetoed by the President.  Maybe so, but there are other ways to get rid of this flawed law.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY ) said he’s prepared to take action to defund ObamaCare. 


The American people sent a message to President Obama. They want change – and they want ObamaCare repealed.


Perhaps, the only person who is not listening to the American people may be the President himself.  He said he’s ready “to listen” to Republicans and their ideas and has said he is open to only “tweaking” the health care law. 


In the aftermath of one of the biggest political shifts in the House in decades – and in the face of strong opposition to ObamaCare from the American people, the President still proudly proclaimed that passing the flawed health care legislation was “the right thing to do.” 


As one editorial concluded, “President Obama still doesn’t get it.” 


Let’s hope he does.  There’s too much at stake.


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