Thanks for standing up for the rights of our client, Raymond Hosier, who was punished by a New York school district for wearing a Rosary to school.  By the way, I never considered your position on this issue “odd” – just correct.

A quick update on this case.  The federal district judge, who granted our Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) clearing the way for Raymond to return to class with his Rosary displayed, has now issued an extension of the TRO through September.  That means Raymond will be able to finish out this school year (which concludes in a couple of weeks) in class with his Rosary displayed as it has been since September 2009.  The order also enjoined the school district from “imposing discipline, including but not limited to detention . . .” for wearing the Rosary that means so much to him.

As you know, Raymond was suspended indefinitely for exercising his free speech and free exercise of religion.


With this extension, our lawsuit moves forward – but the school district now has a brief window of opportunity to use some common sense and do the right thing here.    

We stand ready to resolve this issue – either inside or outside court – to ensure that Raymond’s constitutional rights are permanently protected.

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