I prayed today.  I forgot that this was National Day of Prayer.  I hope no members of Congress objected to me acting on my own and basically not giving one hoot what they thought about it.  Maybe I should have filed my prayer in advance to make sure John Boehner and Mitch McConnell thought it was good enough for this NATIONAL day of Prayer.

I pray everyday, but I never really thought it was the
government’s business. That’s why I don’t get why members of Congress thinks it’s
their business to advise me on when and how to pray, either.

Yet today is another congressionally mandated National Day
of Prayer. And since Americans are free to pray whenever they want, it’s
obvious this “holiday” not really about the freedom to worship, but rather another
opportunity for certain religious groups to push their narrow viewpoint on the
rest of us. I’ll let my colleague tell you why here.

I’m tired of the Congress telling me when and how I should
pray. I sincerely hope this is the last National Day of Prayer. This nonsense
has gone long enough.  (By the way, I wonder if Congress was praying or not praying at the moment the Dow dropped 900 points at one point this afternoon.)

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